Tang Qing family Chinese lamp

        Tang Qing's family is a new Chinese-style lamp brand under Zhongshan Huayu Lamp Industrial Co., Ltd. The factory has a perfect production process and advanced production equipment, focusing on product appearance design and pursuing excellent quality. Tang Qingshijia is a modern enterprise integrating R&D, production, marketing and business. After 30 years of hardening, it now has more than 3,000 square meters of new plant and more than 50 energetic employees. Using tough and fine-grained wood as the raw material, inheriting the 30-year-old wood-sculpture carving technique of excellence, cleverly using the natural texture of wood grain to build a bridge between the heart and the soul, the current material is mainly black walnut in North America and ebony in East Africa. Mainly with the Gambian hedgehog rosewood, as a far-reaching Chinese-style home lighting company.

With great ingenuity

Lathe load

Spin forming


Strict inspection

Strict inspection

Strict inspection


Tang Qing's Chinese lamps won the highest honor of "Top Ten Chinese Lamp Brands" issued by China's lighting industry for 2 consecutive years.

Tangqing Store

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